Lucia Heffernan exhibits at the first European Gallery Show in Rome


SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE). will be 40 of Heffernan’s works, created in oil on canvas-wrapped panel and selected by curator Marco di Capua. This exhibition is organized by Il Cigno GG Edizioni and Rainbow.

“The works of Lucia Heffernan captivate above all through the immediacy of the reactions they evoke and enable an immediate emotional coordination between the viewer and the subject of the picture,” says Di Capua. “This relationship becomes even more interesting when the instantaneous communication of sentiment is mixed with the density of the American tradition’s oil painting style.”

Heffernan’s works are a testament to her constant exploration and exploration of the animal world, which she gives a voice to. Envisioning how animals might behave in human situations, Heffernan brings to the canvas extravagant and theatrical imagery that is often rich in humor and inspires the viewer to identify with the work on a visceral level.

Heffernan has garnered international acclaim for works such as Norman Catwell and her Yoga Chicks series. Her unique perspective on the world has garnered her millions of loyal Instagram followers, and her work resonates with diverse communities for its combination of whimsy and wit.

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About Lucia Heffernan

A graphic designer by trade and an oil painter by trade, Lucia Heffernan is constantly experimenting with different styles of contemporary realism, balancing her artistic sensibility, technique and offbeat sense of humor. Her stunning work is a playful expression and exploration of her lifelong fascination with animals. To learn more, visit


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