Mario Falcone was racially insulted on social media after the European Championship final


Former Towie star Mario Falcone has announced that he was the victim of abuse on social media after Italy beat England in the European Championship final.

Half-English and half-Italian Mario says that some of the messages he received on Instagram were racist in nature and he hit back on the trolls calling them “scum”.

He was in the crowd at Wembley to watch the game and has revealed his support for the Three Lions throughout the game.

But after being inundated with abuse on Instagram, Mario posted a statement on his account saying, “For those who are racist on my DMs and messages, call me an Italian P **** and C ** *.

“You are scum.

“For those who tell me to support Italy because I’m Italian.

“Yes, I’m half Italian and proud of it.

“I am also half English, born in England, grew up here and have lived here all my life. I had my son here, my family lives here, my passport is British!

“So last night was a win for me, but England is my home and I supported them.

“It does not affect you.”

English players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka were also racially insulted on social media after the Three Lions’ agonizing defeat on penalties.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday at a meeting with heads of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram called on social media companies to take tougher measures against racism.

Number 10 said Mr Johnson opened a meeting of his cabinet on Tuesday condemning the racist attacks that targeted players after Sunday’s game.

“He said the abuse was utterly shameful and emerged from the darkened rooms of the Internet,” said the Prime Minister’s official spokesman.

“He said he would use the meeting with social media companies to reinforce the urgent need for action before stricter laws come into effect through the Online Harms Bill.”

The spokesman added that social media companies “should do everything they can to identify these people,” including providing details of those who posted racist content.

# 10 said the meeting was scheduled ahead of the Euro 2020 attacks and would also host representatives from TikTok, Snapchat, Microsoft and Amazon Kids UK.


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