New Holland demonstrates connected fleet on the first Smart Farm


New Holland Agriculture announced on November 29th Partnership with Farm Il Raccolto in Bologna, Italy to demonstrate sustainable farming practices through a circular economy model and connected fleet environment. Il Raccolto shares the brand’s vision of ecologically and economically sustainable agriculture based on innovation, Agriculture 4.0 technologies and energy independence. With this agreement, Il Raccolto will become New Holland’s first smart farm to partner with the brand to demonstrate their Clean Energy Leader strategy-driven developments and advanced solutions that have resulted from them. It will also aid New Holland’s research by providing agronomic data collected through the telematics systems of the machines on the farm.

Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland, says: “Farm Il Raccolto is the perfect partner for this initiative. You are a loyal New Holland customer with a large fleet of our equipment and, like us, see sustainability as a business approach. Our partnership will enable us to offer our customers and stakeholders the full experience of successful sustainable agriculture with energy independence and a circular economy model. Visitors can see firsthand how this can be achieved with equipment from New Holland, where our advanced PLM and telematics solutions create an ecosystem of connected machines. The New Holland Smart Farm will be a knowledge center where we will demonstrate our equipment, provide training and share our technological and agronomic know-how to spread sustainable farming practices. “

Sustainability as a business approach

Farm Il Raccolto shows how sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand with the right approach, supported by the right equipment and technology. With 2,000 hectares, it is an arable and dairy farm as well as a vineyard. It grows grain, wheat, fodder and seeds, as well as grapes. It produces milk for Parmigiano Reggiano and Pignoletto wine – all according to the high quality standards of DOP, DOC and IGP certification.

It is future-oriented action that invests heavily in innovative technologies. The company operates a fleet of more than 80 New Holland machines consisting of the brand’s state-of-the-art tractors, combines, forage harvesters, telehandlers, balers, light construction equipment and grape harvesters.

Parag Garg, CNH Industrial’s Chief Digital Officer, said: “At Farm Il Raccolto, New Holland will be demonstrating its vision for Agriculture 4.0 first hand as many of the farm fleet’s machines are connected via MyPLM Connect telematics. We know that a networked fleet ensures greater efficiency and availability and ultimately offers our customers a higher ROI. This partnership is yet another example of how New Holland is leading the future of agriculture by providing our customers with the best digital and technological solutions. “

Energy-independent farm: a circular economy approach for climate-neutral agriculture

Il Raccolto also shares New Holland’s vision on the role of alternative energy sources in agriculture. It operates its own anaerobic biofermenter and is currently producing biogas from the farm’s agricultural waste. It plans to start producing biomethane and is working on becoming completely energy self-sufficient.

In this way, New Holland can demonstrate its energy-independent farm model, in which animal and food waste, crop residues or certain energy crops are used to produce biogas in a biofermenter. The biogas is used to power the farm and converted into fuel-grade biomethane to power a New Holland Methane Power Tractor. The by-products of this entire process are used as natural fertilizers and help improve soil quality. With this closed circular economy approach, a CO2-neutral or even CO2-negative agriculture can be achieved.

A center for knowledge sharing and extensive experience with sustainable agriculture in action

The farm Il Raccolto will play a multifaceted role as the New Holland Smart Farm. It will be the brand’s official demonstration farm in Italy and the base for their European training team. It will host events for its dealers and customers to enjoy the full New Holland sustainable farming experience in the field. It will also be a knowledge sharing center with New Holland staff to enhance the customer experience through a deep understanding of Agriculture 4.0 technologies, the circular economy model and biomethane on the farm.


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