Nigerians in Italy will not renew their passports until 2080, man yells and claims to be blackmailed by passport officials


  • Nigerian residents in Italy will not renew their passports for the next seven decades unless an allegation made by a Twitter user is verified
  • The Twitter user claimed that the Nigerian embassy officials in Rome are corrupt and prefer foreigners who want to visit Nigeria
  • He said he paid through the back door to have his wife’s expired passport renewed after trying to go through official channels

A Nigerian in Rome, identified simply as Nosa, cried because he cannot renew his wife’s passport online.

In one Tweet thread, Nosa alleged that officials at the Nigerian embassy in the European country are extorting money from those who want to renew their passports.

Nosa posted about his handle on Twitter, @Tweeter_Headmaster, and said the embassy was “a great shame for Nigerians”.

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The Nigerian resident in Italy stated that embassy officials are deliberately rescheduling appointments to book until 2080 in an attempt to demand an unofficial amount of money from desperate Nigerians.

Nigerians in Italy will not renew their passports until 2080, man yells and claims to be blackmailed by passport officials
Nosa and the Nigerian Passport Credit: Tweeter_Headmaster
Source: Twitter

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According to the computer science graduate, many Nigerians in Italy have no work and cannot afford the high bribes that embassy officials are demanding for passport renewals.

Nosa’s tweet reads:

“After you write this, you may never renew my Nigerian passport. I don’t care if they do it, but they have to stop blackmailing Nigerians. “

A man’s agony

He said the officers started playing games with him, starting with the type of passport he wanted to get. He said officials said the 32 brochure passes were sold out just to blackmail applicants.

He told:

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“My wife had to renew her Nigerian passport, I paid for a 64-page brochure. I did this because most of the time when you pay for a 32 page booklet it creates stories like a booklet is not available. And use it to delay your passport. The 64 pages cost more than 32 pages.

According to Nosa, he was desperate to visit the embassy website to schedule an appointment. There is no appointment, he said. He said the calendar on the website shows that there is no date until January 2024. According to his tweet, there is no date even until 2080.

Nosa said despite the information on the website that there was no booking for the pass renewal, the embassy continued to issue passports without an appointment.

He said:

“In order to be able to renew your passport, you have to pay an unofficial amount of money. The amount depends on the person who helps you. “

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Additional payment

He said to speed up the process, he had to pay € 200 in bribes after paying the official rate of € 137.

“In my wife’s case, we paid someone an extra 200 euros to help us renew their passport. This is only to bribe them to make the pass. Even after paying them $ 137, they were not satisfied. They still wanted me to bribe them to hand over the passport.

“When entering the embassy, ​​their cell phone was picked up. She was required to show her cell phone before entering the embassy. What could they be afraid of? Someone could film their corrupt activities and leak them? She handed them her cell phone and entered.

Nosa said embassy staff preferred to favor foreigners rather than Nigerians, whom embassy officials should serve more because they represent their interests in Rome.

According to him, the embassy in Rome earns no less than 600 euros a month, calculated at 7.2 million euros annually from bribes from those who want to renew their passports in Rome.

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Hear him:

“Let’s do the simple math and check the numbers, what they’re doing in the embassy. Suppose you issue 100 passports per day for 200 euros, that’s 20,000 euros per day and 600,000 euros per month for 30 days. That is 7.2 million euros a year. In just a year. Well fits the dey wear.

“That’s a lot of money. This is the business of the Nigerian Embassy in Rome. Now you know why there is no appointment until 2080. In order to be scanned, you have to pay this unofficial amount. And that is nothing but blackmail.

“If you are a Nigerian and you think it is wrong for the Nigerian Embassy to blackmail your confreres, retweet it as support to end that blackmail. Nigerians deserve better. Passports should be issued without bribes or additional fees. “

Nigerians languish in Italy

He also sounded the alarm about the plight of Nigerians in Italy and many of them are still unemployed, the embassy staff choose to blackmail them.

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“It was only because of their dubious activities that I refused to apply for a Nigeria passport to be issued for my children. I cannot pay € 600 for my two children and myself. Then you pay the official amount of $ 411. The transport to Rome from where I live for the three of us costs around € 150.

“That’s around € 1000 just to get 3 international passports. I have to spend over 500,000 naira to get three passports because the embassy is blackmailing us and @NigeriaMFA is calm. It’s a shame that you allowed that. “

The most powerful passes in the world reported that the latest publication of the Henley Passport Index’s international passport ranking has invalidated any argument about which countries in Africa currently have the strongest passports.

In the list of 199 different passports from different continents and 227 travel destinations, the Giant of Africa, Nigeria, shares 103rd place with Ethiopia.

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According to the list, Nigerian passport holders can only visit 45 countries without a visa.

Source: Legitimate Newspaper


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