NPP youth list 60 achievements of the Akufo-Addo government


– The youth wing of the NPP has outlined over 60 achievements of the party towards the opposition NDC

– According to the NPP youth, the NDC party cannot question President Akufo-Addo’s record

-They urged the NDC to include the accomplishments of John Dramani Mahama. to highlight

– Our manifest: believes in it

The youth wing of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has taken on the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), claiming it is unrealistic as it questions its record on youth development.

In a statement, it listed 60 items described as achievements of the Akufo-Addo administration and called on the NDC to do the same under the John Mahama administration.

2020 election: NPP youth list 60 achievements of the Akufo-Addo government. Source: Facebook / Henry Nana Boakye
Source: Facebook

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Speaking at a press conference, the NPP’s National Youth Organizer Henry Nana Boakye, popularly known as Nana B, said, “The NPP Youth is giving the National Youth Wing and the NDC’s Communications Outfit a week-long ultimatum to tell Ghanaian youth, specific youth-centered policies and programs they have implemented in their 8 year tenure and the impact they have had on the lives of youth in Ghana. “

The policies of President Akufo-Addo and Vice President Bawumia, which have brought far-reaching benefits to youth, are over a hundred. But for strategic reasons, I’m going to list 60 of them,” he said.

Nana B at the press conference titled: The Youth Must Know Series listed the following as some of the government’s accomplishments:

1. One District One Factory: Over 58 of the 181 factories under the 1D1F initiative have been completed and put into operation

2. NABCO: 100,000 young people were employed

3. The Youth Employment Agency (YEA) employs over 70,000 young people

4. YEA’s job center platform, Region Flagship Projects and the Artisan Directory have enabled thousands of young people across the country to secure sustainable jobs in the short to medium term.

5. Financial Aid to Thousand Athletes – A monthly grant of Ghc 500.00 is paid to 1,000 athletes for a period of six (6) months.

6. Recruitment of 8,872 teachers

7. Employment of 1,445 non-teaching staff

8. Recruitment of 7,700 young people as part of the GES and YEA Educational Support Program

9. Recruitment of 54,000 nurses

10. Recruiting 18,000 other health workers

11. Employment of 1,174 environmental health officers / assistants:

12. Recruitment of 2,700 renewals

13. Recruiting over 12,000 security personnel

14. Investments and jobs under the Ghanaian automobile development policy – Volkswagen has started assembling cars in Ghana, Toyota, Nissan, Renault, Hyundai, Sinotruck and Suzuki to start very soon.

15. One hundred five thousand three hundred and fifty (105,350) cocoa job creation

16. Eighty-three thousand (83,000) youth employed by the Forestry Commission

17. Twelve thousand (12,000) startups and small businesses received training, and 3,000 were funded through the Presidential Business Support Program to expand their business and create jobs

18th Presidential Pitch: 40 young people financially supported, 460 jobs created.

19. Equipping young people with entrepreneurial skills within the framework of NEIP – NEIP has trained 45,000 young people in the fields of agriculture, ICT, trade and commerce

20. Promotion of young entrepreneurs within the framework of NEIP: A total of 9,350 companies were promoted within 3 years

21. Campus Business Pitch Program: Building an entrepreneurial culture among students with the intention of attracting them young to make a meaningful contribution to the Ghana Beyond Aid Agenda.

22. Rural Enterprises Program (REP): A total of 3,833 new rural enterprises were created and 4,727 direct jobs were created.

23. Green Business Initiative: 75 greenhouses (Dome), 1,500 young university graduates involved.

24. Jobs as part of the incubation and support program in the Accra Digital Center: 150 start-ups supported, an additional 200 additional jobs created.

25. Technology Transfer, Research and Product Development Program (TTRPDP)

26. Technical and professional training – 11,662 people trained in various professions.

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27. Positions in the Ministry of Labor 2,250 employees

28.1,438 jobs under the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI)

29. Planting for Food and Jobs – 1.9 million people including Ghanaian youth benefited from this program.

30. Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) – The program aims to promote the export of tree fruits such as cashew, coffee, coconut, oil palm, mango, rubber and shea nut to increase export revenue. The youth of Ghana benefit from this novelty.

31. Aquaculture for Food and Employment (AFJ): 321 young people trained in modern methods of aquaculture production. Over 1,200 direct jobs and 1,800 indirect jobs are forecast for 2020

32. Workplaces at fishing docks: To ensure the safe start and landing of small-scale fishing, to create and maintain hygienic environments and to create potential employment opportunities in the fishing communities

33. Free Basic Education Certificate Examination: The government covered enrollment fees for 391,318 public junior high school candidates and 397,500 public JHS candidates in 2020.

34. West African High School Free Final Exam: Ghc 75 million was used to pay WASSCE exam fees for 313,838 students – who will soon become Akufo Addo Graduates.

35. Free learning materials: Due to Free SHS, learning materials such as core textbooks, supplementary readers, uniforms, house clothes, house clothes, technical drawing equipment, sports equipment, notebooks and exercise books have been made available free of charge since 2017.

36. Dual track system – 520,000 Ghanaian children gain access to SHS

37. Unprecedented infrastructure projects in SHS and elementary schools – 1,200 infrastructure projects in SHS and 557 at the grassroots.

38. Developing library infrastructure for academic excellence: The construction of 2 libraries and the renovation of 10 existing libraries, including the Accra Central, Asocore and Hohoe libraries

39. The construction and establishment of ten (10) Centers of Excellence for the Technical Vocational Training Council (COTVET)

40. Restoration of the subsidy for student teachers: In the 2020 financial year alone, 357 million Ghc will be paid to 48,000 student teachers.

41. Restoration of Nursing Student Aid: In the 2020 financial year alone, Ghc 336 million will be paid to 49,000 nursing students.

42. Scholarships for Youth: In 2019 alone, over 30,000 brilliant but needed students received scholarships through the district-level scholarship program. In 2020, 60,000 students are expected to receive a scholarship.

43. Over 20,000 students trained under the Student Entrepreneurial Initiative launched by NEIP.

45. Improved professional image of teachers through the introduction of the Licensure Examination

46. ​​Professional allowance for teachers: From this year, every teacher will receive Ghc1.200 annually as a professional allowance.

47. Timely payment of salaries for newly recruited teachers

48. Abolition of the salary policy for three (3) months

50th Teacher Motivation Improvement Package: In 2019, the government paid GH 52.6 million to SHS and technical facilities for academic interventions and teacher motivation.

51. Restoration of book and research grants and a bill in Parliament to ensure safe and reliable funding.

52. College of Education curricula have been updated to ensure that they produce graduates who teach the well-equipped, critical-thinking population we need to move the country forward

53. NYA to build 10 ultra-modern, multi-purpose youth centers with a capacity of 5,000 people across the country.

54. The construction of artificial turf by the Department of Inner City and Zongo Development across the country

55. Free water for all Ghanaians for 3 months (April, May and June).

56. Free electricity for Lifeline customers and 50% discount for other customers for 3 months (April, May and June).

57. Six Hundred Million Ghana Cedis (600 Million Ghc) Business Support Program through the Coronavirus Containment Program for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

58. Tax exemption for 6 months for front-line workers.

59. Additional allowance of 50% of their basic salary for 6 months for front-line workers.

60. Almighty Free SHS: 1.2 million children benefit from Free SHS previously reported that Nana B has claimed high school students infected with COVID-19 “brought the virus from home” and not contracted it on campus.

It is important to note that the students who tested positive for COVID-19 did not even get the virus on their respective campuses.

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