NYC comedian Elyse DeLucci returns to her roots in Staten Island where she “thought it was funny”


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Comedian Elyse DeLucci star is rising.

In the past 19 months, the stand-up comedian has amassed over 40 million views on TikTok through her authentic and relatable views on work, divorce, dating, parenting, what it means to be Italian-American and of course what it was like on Staten Island to grow up.

Finding humor in her everyday life has proven easy – and essential – for the 38-year-old single mom of two who went viral after posting a clip of repeatedly dating her “very decent” nanny. British-American daughters mistaken for a trip to the Hamptons.

“I talked about my two British daughters being like little crime bosses and it blew up. And the next thing I knew was that I was becoming popular on this platform. I’ve been doing TikToks five or six times a day for almost 19 months, every day. And they had millions of views. “

DeLucci, a professional comedian for five years who will open for Mike Marino at the St. George Theater on October 15, switched from the stage to her younger sister’s social media at the start of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) at the insistence of her younger sister. Although DeLucci admitted to Advance /, she wasn’t initially convinced by the idea.

“But then the pandemic happened and everything was shut down. As a comic, I go on stage and do stand-up comedy because that’s what I do, and when it all came to a standstill, I mean my two little daughters and the four walls of our little apartment on the Upper East Side. “

While taking her sister’s advice and “doing a few TikToks here and there,” DeLucci, a cryptocurrency trader who also works full-time as the chief digital officer for a Manhattan company, posted this Hamptons clip that she started pacing some serious ones Counting.

“I mean, people ask, ‘Is this stuff true?’ It’s 100% true. and [it’s] everyday things that normally everyone can identify with. “

When Elyse DeLucci, a cryptocurrency trader who also works full-time as the chief digital officer at a Manhattan company, posted a clip on TikTok about being mistaken for the nanny of her British-American daughters repeatedly while traveling to the Hamptons, she caught to clock some serious numbers on the platform. Courtesy Elyse DeLucci

“Always only found the funny”

For DeLucci, who has performed in venues across the country, comedy has always been an outlet and laughter has been a coping mechanism; While describing her Italian-American upbringing in Annadale as picturesque, she discovered she was a “quirky” girl known for producing numbers from a Barbra Streisand musical in the middle of her street – something the neighborhood kids do not always liked.

“I was clumsy. I had a strange sounding nasal voice. I had glasses and braces and was really nerdy. … I mean, I wasn’t very popular. Nobody wanted to call and knock on my door so I could come and play. But I always found it just funny in a lot of different things. “

After leaving the Staten Island bubble, DeLucci entered adulthood and the corporate world, married, had children, worked her way up – and found she was burned out.

“I worked for the stock exchange [at that time]. I worked 12-, 14-hour days. I had two young children at home. I was burned out, I had a marriage that was falling apart. And I just felt so overwhelmed with life. “

After a particularly bad argument with her current ex-husband, she left her apartment, hopped in a taxi and drove downtown to the Peoples Improv Theater, which was hosting a nightly open mic night in his attic.

“Like the real one [Marvelous Mrs. Maisel] Character, I just did five minutes and laughed a lot. It was great. And then I did another, and then I did another. It stayed with me. “

lfs Elyse DeLucci

Elyse DeLucci’s decision to perform clean sets is reminiscent of another Italian-American comedian. “I get a lot like ‘You’re like a female Sebastian’ [Maniscalco]. I get that a lot when I’m out at shows, and that’s just such a compliment because he’s just such a brilliant comedian. ”Courtesy of Elyse DeLucci


With the world locked for most of 2020 and part of 2021, the arrival of DeLucci’s sent material on TikTok was a welcome respite from the stress of the pandemic for several fans.

From young professionals to working mothers, staying home parents to Italian-Americans: “I got messages from people who said, ‘I’m really not in a good place right now, [but] I watch your TikToks and they make me laugh. ‘ or ‘[Your videos] To make me feel like I’m fine now, or, “I feel like I have a friend in my living room with me during this lockdown.”

“There is therapy behind comedy. … at the end of the day people go to comedy shows [or TikTok] because they want to escape their everyday life and sit down and laugh. And you connect with people by laughing.

“When you laugh, all your other worries just go away.”


DeLucci told Advance / that she prides itself on being a “clean comic” that avoids profanity, dirty jokes and shocking bits and pieces in her sets; She sees it as her responsibility to abstain from parenting young children.

Also, “I just think there are a lot of fun things out there [to talk about without that]. “

Her decision to do clean sets is reminiscent of another Italian-American comedian.

“I get a lot like ‘You’re like a female Sebastian’ [Maniscalco]. I get that a lot when I’m out at shows, and that’s just such a compliment because he’s just such a brilliant comedian. “

It is this decision to stay relatively family-friendly that DeLucci believed drew Marino, whom DeLucci met through mutual friends in comedy, to her when it came to creating a “relatable and young” opener for his show to select at the St. George Theater; DeLucci added that the couple share “similar upbringing and similar values”.

Her recording is of particular importance to DeLucci: it is her first appearance in her historic hometown.

“Legends are performing at the St. George Theater. I mean, I saw Tony Bennett there years ago. The fact that I’m on the same stage is just incredible for me. “

lfs Elyse DeLucci

In addition to her regular presence on TikTok, Elyse DeLucci is hosting a podcast, “The Elyse DeLucci Show,” which she started during the COVID-19 lockdown last year. Courtesy Elyse DeLucci


In addition to her regular presence on TikTok, DeLucci is hosting a podcast, “The Elyse DeLucci Show,” which she launched during the COVID-19 lockdown last year. Call it a “piece of” [her] life ”covers DeLucci topics ranging from advice on life to the frustration of their children refusing to eat DeLucci’s homemade meals. (“For example, I made chicken chops and my kid doesn’t want to eat them. Does she know it was $ 14.99 a pound?” She joked.)

While she is currently running it as a solo program, DeLucci is starting to book some of her comedian friends and other guests to accompany her in episodes.

DeLucci is also producing a documentary she wrote during the pandemic that she said Advance / could be out as early as next year. It follows four mothers in comedy, including DeLucci, who “do their shows in their homes, [going] in their lives and talk about how their lives are and why they follow stand-up comedy. “

That’s all to say DeLucci is certainly everything when it comes to comedy.

“I love what I’ve done and what I’m doing [in the corporate world]. I’m passionate about it, I work for a company that is so helpful, with the nicest people I’ve ever met in the business world and they support these dreams … but the reality is, this is not my passion. … I think we all have our things and you know it [comedy] is my thing.

“You know when I started [in standup], it was scary. … But I just did it and that’s it. If you have the chutzpah and can overcome that initial fear, you will reap so many rewards, ”said DeLucci. She added that she’s always working on new material and regularly using open microphones after putting her kids to bed to keep them fit (“You’re staying with a babysitter, I swear!” She quipped).

Thankful for her success, DeLucci will not take her foot off the pedal in the foreseeable future.

“I’m just a woman who had a dream and achieved really nice success with it. And I’ll just keep going. “

To keep up to date with upcoming shows and other news, visit DeLucci’s website at You can also find her on TikTok (@elysedelucci) and Instagram (@elysedelucci).


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