Pakistani-Italian trade has a potential of $ 5 billion, says Consul General


KARACHI: The Italian Consul General (CG) in Karachi Danilo Giurdanella has said that the trade potential between his country and Pakistan is $ 5 billion, which is five times the current bilateral trade volume.

“Our trading potential is $ 5 billion, which is five times our current trading level,” he said.

Mr. Giurdanella recently spoke at the International Resource Center of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi. The lecture was given by Dr. S. Akbar Zaidi, IBA Karachi Executive Director, moderated on the main campus. The topic of discussion was “Pak-Italy relations through a diplomatic lens”.

During the meeting explored the two ways of collaboration and exchange for students and faculty with Italian universities. Members of the IBA lecturers, students and staff took part in the event.

Mr. Giurdanella started his talk by mentioning that Italy, like Pakistan, has an ancient civilization and that both countries were a center of coexistence of different cultures. He highlighted the Islamic influence in southern Italy in the Middle Ages. He also appreciated the IBA’s state-of-the-art campus equipment.

Emphasizing the importance of person-to-person interaction and how it helps in building strong bilateral and diplomatic ties, the CG spoke about the large number of Pakistanis living in Italy. “Italy has the largest population of Pakistanis living within the European Union,” he said.

Regarding the flourishing economic relations, Mr. Giurdanella stated that the two countries had booming trade relations and that Pakistan had a positive trade balance with Italy. “Our trade potential is 5 billion US dollars, which is five times more than our current trade level,” he said of the need to fully exploit the trade potential between the two countries.

The CG emphasized the need for high-level conferences in Pakistan so that the rest of the world can learn about the country’s untapped potential. He also stressed that “Italy and Pakistan share very good cooperation at the United Nations. Both are members of the Uniting for Consensus, ”he said of the Coffee Club that was founded in the 1990s, a movement that opposed the G4 countries’ applications for permanent seats.

Previously, Dr. Zaidi the session with an introduction by Mr. Giurdanella and highlighted the increasing interest of IBA students in accepting Italian as a foreign language at the institute, which shows the growing interest of students in applying to universities in Italy. “We want strong relationships with world-class universities, and Italian universities have a very fast growing market for Pakistani students,” he noted.

Dr. Zaidi ended the talk by encouraging the faculty and students of the IBA to explore higher education opportunities in Italy, which has great colleges.

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