Quebec lawyer killed in eight plane crash in Italy


MONTREAL – Quebec lawyer Julien Brossard was one of the victims of a plane crash in the suburbs of Milan, Italy, in which eight people were killed.

Marwah Rizqy Provincial Liberal MNA and her husband and fellow campaigner Gregory Kelley shared their condolences on social media after a small private plane crashed into an empty office building on Sunday.

“We will always love you and we will miss you forever,” wrote Kelley along with photos of Brossard attending the couple’s recent wedding.

“I didn’t know I hugged you one last time last Monday,” Rizqy wrote. “Go in peace, beautiful soul. Tonight we will light up your house. I love you.”

A prosecutor said all eight people on board were killed in the crash on Sunday, including pilot Dan Petrescu (68) and his wife Regina Dorotea Petrescu Balzat (65).

Petrescu is a billionaire builder and father of Brossard’s partner Dan Stefan Petrescu (30), who was also killed in the crash. The two had met while Petrescu was pursuing his doctorate at McGill University in Montreal.

Brossard, 35, worked in Montreal as a Vice President at Liberty Mutual Canada.

His father, Michel Brossard, said his son was business savvy and passionate about Canadian politics.

“He was at the top of the world and that was all taken away,” said Brossard in an interview on Tuesday. “But I can’t be unhappy for him. I’m happy for him. I just have to be strong enough to pursue these values ​​for a great man.”

Firefighters tweeted that no one but those on board were involved in the crash near a subway station in San Donato Milanese.

According to the fire department, several cars parked nearby went up in flames.

The plane took off from Linate Airport in Milan for the Italian island of Sardinia.

Milan Prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano told reporters that the plane continued its flight to a certain point, then an anomaly appeared on the radar screen and it crashed and hit the roof of the building.

– With files from The Canadian Press and The Associated Press.


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