Queen of the boogie blues piano on a South Island tour


Queen of Piano Boogie Woogie Jan Preston will tour the South Island for the release of her latest album, Piano Boogie Woman.

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Queen of Piano Boogie Woogie Jan Preston will tour the South Island for the release of her latest album, Piano Boogie Woman.

Jan Preston plans to “rattle the cobwebs” from forgotten pianos in Mapua to Winton.

The self-proclaimed queen of the boogie woogie piano is touring the South Island as part of the release of her latest album Piano boogie woman.

Preston will come to the top of the south at the start and end of their tour, playing Motueka on Thursday, Picton on Friday and Nelson on Saturday. One month from the end of her tour, she will perform in Mapua on October 22nd and in the Wairau Valley on October 23rd.

The audience will be taken on a journey during their two-hour show, Preston said. In addition to the uplifting boogie beats Preston is known for, some slow blues songs are played during the night, as well as scores from feature films that Preston composed.

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“If I feel like it, I might even play classical music.”

Preston will travel to over 20 locations on her tour, including remote locations like Kakanui and Winton.

“I can’t tell you how excited and excited I am.”

The musician was born in Greymouth. Preston played the piano since she was big enough to reach the keys and often played while her family sang and played whisk, combs, or an old saxophone.

“People did that back then, maybe they socialized more directly. Singing was not seen as strange. “

The musician was a star student and eventually got a place for classical piano studies at Auckland University – one of four places in the country.

After graduating, Preston moved to Wellington. Eventually she joined the band Coup D’Etat and produced the reggae song Doctor, I like your medicine which was named Best Single at the 1981 NZ Music Awards.

“It was a disposable song. Completely out of the blue it became this huge hit. “

Preston then moved to Australia where she found her groove as a boogie pianist and songwriter. After living in Sydney for 40 years, she moved to New Zealand due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Jan Preston will perform at the Chanel Arts Center in Motueka this Thursday, September 23rd; Friday September 24th at Le Café in Picton; Saturday September 25th at the boathouse in Nelson; Friday October 22nd at the Playhouse Café and Theater in Mapua; and Saturday October 23 at the Dharma Bums Club in the Wairau Valley. Tickets can be purchased here.


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