Read the fine print carefully before you travel


SANTA BARBARA, California – Covid-19 has decimated the travel industry since the pandemic began. Cruise ships may have got the worst of it. Their loyal customers have also suffered as a result. As you will see in our NewsChannel Three Tipline report, many of them had cruises to exotic ports of call planned prior to the global closure. Worse, they paid in full and in advance.

Michael Setka and his wife Marilynn Lang are seasoned travelers. Santa Barbara is their home, but the world is their habitat.

“I’m at the point now, it’s hard to even talk about it,” said Michael Setka.

In February 2020, they were looking forward to their 10-day Italy and Best of Greek Islands Cruise on board the Celebrity Edge cruise ship. Everything was paid for, the cost of the cruise only – $ 11,200. However, in early March, the coronavirus spread to Italy and the rest of the world.

“My wife had sarcoid when she was younger and will have reduced lung capacity for the rest of her life,” said Setka.

They saw their doctor to learn more about Covid.

“And the first thing that came out of his mouth was, ‘This coronavirus could kill you. So you will likely need to eliminate all travel entirely for the next few years, “Setka said.

Setka said he immediately contacted her travel agent and canceled the cruise scheduled for May. Around the same time, President Trump imposed a travel ban on Italy and the Italian government locked the entire country.

Setka also says that Celebrity Cruises refused to refund their money and picked part of their travel contract for the rejection.

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