Relic is teasing something on his Twitch channel


Something is going on on Relic Entertainment’s Twitch channel. The developer appears to be sending a map of the Mediterranean from above, stylized to exude the atmosphere of the early 20th century. There is one franchise in the studio’s history that is definitely closest to this, but to be thorough, let’s explore all of the possibilities.

We’ll get the really stupid ones out of the way first. I’m ready to try in the dark and say this probably has nothing to do with Homeworld or Dawn of War. While the earth technically exists in both science fiction universes, in Homeworld it is a distant memory and in the other the center of a dystopian empire ruled by an immortal God-Emperor. So I think we can safely rule this out.

Earlier this year we received a lot of new information about the upcoming Age of Empires 4. It’s based on the story so there is some potential there. But why focus specifically on the Mediterranean? Of the playable factions of AoE 4 at launch, only two (The Abbasid Empire and France) actually held territory in the area that the stream appears to be fixed on. And their main power bases were hundreds of miles away in Baghdad and Paris, respectively. Unless they announce a campaign over the Muslim conquest of North Africa, it seems like an odd choice.

This remains a top candidate. I think it’s pretty clear we’re finally getting a 2003 sequel to Impossible Creatures.

No, it is probably related to Company of Heroes. It’s been eight years since Company of Heroes 2 and four years since the last DLC was released. That means we’re pretty well due for a sequel. But it’s also possible that this could be an Italian DLC for Company of Heroes 2. It would be strange to be releasing new content for such an old game after such a long time, but stranger things definitely happened.

World War II Italian theater has not been explored in the series and is generally overlooked by strategy games. From 1943 to 1945 a huge, multinational Allied force landed on the other end of the continent from the fabled beaches of Normandy and had some very harsh words for a certain Benito Moussolini. Rolling an armored column through mansions and vineyards would certainly be a nice change of pace from the bleak, wintry hellscape that dominated Company of Heroes 2’s main campaign and its superb Ardennes Assault expansion.

We will keep an eye on the situation and report on new details as they come.


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