Rome: 6 reasons why you should explore the beautiful capital of Italy

Image Credit: INSTAGRAM/LUDIVINE.ME Reasons to travel to Rome

Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, the metropolis is also one of the most populous cities. It is famous for many things, among which its history and culture are most prominent. If you are planning to visit Italy then you cannot miss Rome, especially during spring and summer season! The city has so much to offer its visitors, from majestic churches to its classic wonder architecture. Here are 6 reasons why you should visit Rome.

  1. Rome is one of the largest cities in Italy. It is known as a connecting center for trade, economy and culture. The city’s nightlife is very famous, which makes a person fall in love with it. Don’t miss out on the Italian cuisine, local wine and cultural heritage of this city.
  2. Tourists and new visitors to Rome must explore famous sites such as the Tiber banks, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Galleria Borghese, and St. Peter’s Basilica, among others.
  3. Rome is also famous for its rich historical monuments and the stories associated with them. There are some famous cobblestone streets in the city. It is said that the first stone of these streets was erected in the 16th century.
  4. Besides these famous streets and majestic monuments, Rome also offers glimpses of different styles of architecture as you walk from street to street. One can experience the unique architecture of each era straight from the time of the Roman Empire.
  5. Italian cuisine and desserts are famous all over the world. Especially gelato ice cream from Rome should not be missed. The capital serves the best gelato flavors depending on the season.
  6. The city has tremendous value for art and artists. As soon as you start exploring the city, you will see many beautiful places, statues and paintings on the street. This city is the dream destination of many artists and young creative minds. Artists like Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Pietro Bernini, Michelangelo etc. became famous for their work in Rome.

So what are you wondering? Plan a trip to Italy soon and explore the riches of Rome.

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