Sustainability group tackles the growing problem of “greenwashing”


Fraudulent environmental claims mislead consumers and investors

Venice, Italy, October 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Business and political leaders, scientists and academics recently met in Italy Discuss the growing problem of greenwashing and its impact on investors and consumers.

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Organized by Alcantara SpA in partnership with Venice International University and supporting the Social Impact Agenda for Italy, the one-day international symposium focused on the need to curb false or misleading claims that certain products or policies are environmentally friendly.

“Greenwashing can create cases of unfair competition and misdirect investments that would otherwise have been dedicated to real sustainability projects,” said Alcantara Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Andrea Boragno. “That is why greenwashing must be stopped and representatives from government, finance, education, the media and other institutions have come together at this symposium to discuss the problem.”

The sixth annual International Sustainability Symposium, entitled “Greenwashing and Sustainability – A Growing Trend That Must Be Addressed” recently took place on. instead of Venice San Servolo Island. “

The participants in the symposium discussed the need for more transparency and the implementation of technical and certification standards. Comments from panelists and speakers at the symposium included:

Simona Bonafe – Member, European Parliament: “The European Union is determined to achieve the climate neutrality targets set for 2050. Without a new, truly circular production and consumption model, however, there can be no climate neutrality.

It is therefore necessary to adopt clear rules and to set authentic limit values ​​for the use of environmentally harmful materials and for methods that make it possible to measure the environmental impact of products. “

Gionvanna Melandri – Chair, Social Impact Agenda for Italy: “Everyone who has been campaigning for ecological and social change for decades now has to face a new problem – the risk of compliance being reported to ESG is seen by some companies solely as a marketing opportunity.”

Enrico Giovanni Italy Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility: “After years in which some governments had banned the use of the term, sustainability has finally become a central issue and benchmark for measuring social and economic policies.”

Timothy Nixon – CEO, Signal Climate Analytics: “Only 10 percent of companies are really transparent and many others don’t quite understand how many opportunities the transformation process towards sustainability offers.”

Monica Billio – Professor of Econometrics, CA ‘Foscari University of Venice: “In the last few years both have Europe and the US has a steadily growing demand for sustainable investments with a strong ESG aspect. “

Anotonello Ciotti – Chairman, Committee of European PET Manufacturers: “Achieving sustainability must be a commitment that requires support for global sustainability goals, especially given that the world population will increase by 2 billion over the next 30 years. We need to push the introduction of new technologies and a unified system that enables the certification of recycled content. “

About Alcantara SpA

Alcantara was founded in 1972 and is one of the leading Made in Italy brands. As a registered trademark of Alcantara SpA and the result of a unique and proprietary technology, Alcantara® is a highly innovative material that offers an incomparable combination of sensory, aesthetic and functional qualities. Thanks to its extraordinary versatility, Alcantara is the material of choice for leading brands in numerous specialist areas: fashion and accessories, the automotive industry, interior design, home decor and consumer electronics. These characteristics together with a serious and certified commitment to sustainability make Alcantara a true icon of contemporary lifestyle. After analysis, reduction and compensation of the total CO2 -Emissions associated with the company, Alcantara was certified as “carbon neutral” in 2009. In order to document the company’s path in this area, Alcantara annually creates and publishes a sustainability report certified by BDO and available on the company’s website.

Headquarters in Milan, Alcantara also has manufacturing facilities and a research department in Nera Montoro in the heart of Italy Umbria Region (Terni).

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