Take a true story-inspired ghost tour of Jekyll Island


Jekyll Island Ghost and Ghouls Tour takes you on a family-friendly ghost tour with true stories of the people who lived and died on the island.

JEKYLL ISLAND, Ga. – Can you feel the chill in the air…or is it goosebumps? The spooky season is here.

The story follows Jekyll Island. See for yourself on Jekyll Island’s Gilded Age Ghost and Ghouls Tour, which continues through Halloween. It’s all based on true stories.

The island was once the winter retreat of the world’s wealthiest families such as the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. On the tour you will visit the historic cottages and storytellers in costume will play the characters that actually lived here.

“My name is Ernest Grob. I was the Superintendent of the Jekyll Island Club for 42 years.”

“Mother was already dead when the doctor came. Right here on Jekyll Island in Indian Mound Cottage.”

The Gilded Age Ghost and Ghouls tour is full of these stories. Some of what happened here feels like it really stayed here decades later.

“It explores some of the darker sides of Jekyll Island, especially the club. Lots of unusual events,” said Tom Alexander, Director of Historic Resources.

During the videotaping of the huts, some strange things happened.

At Moss Cottage, a green light and reflection appeared near a desk in my video.

At Indian Oaks Cottage, another green light appeared outside of the house and only appeared in my video.

Sure, this could be manipulation of the light or the reflection of something. Or could it be something else? I’m not the first person to have such experiences on the island.

The staff will share their encounters on the tour.

“I went upstairs to open the building and saw a small piece of paper on the floor. I was about to pick it up and saw something moving out of the corner of my eye, so I quickly turned and looked over and I saw a figure of an old lady just staring at me,” Alexander said. He was at Indian Oaks Cottage. a place people say is haunted by Almira Rockefeller, who died there.

Jekyll Island is such a beautiful place. No wonder some of the people who died here want to stay here.

Halloween weekend is the final weekend for the tour. Buy your tickets online in good time here.


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