Taylor Swift tour almost spoils bride-to-be’s wedding plans


Taylor Swift’s tour announcement nearly derailed an upcoming wedding.

According to bride-to-be Christina Leonard, Swift’s upcoming concert run accidentally threw a monkey wrench into her upcoming wedding plans after a hotel allegedly canceled rooms already booked.

According to NewsCenter 5, Leonard and her fiancé are planning their wedding in Foxborough, Mass., the same weekend that Swift’s The Eras tour concludes, although they booked their wedding date well before Swift’s concert dates were announced.

Leonard booked a block of 10 rooms for her guests at the Home2 Suites by Hilton for $169 a night. She and her fiancé reportedly signed a contract with the hotel where they reserved the rooms back in September.

After Swift announced their tour in early November, Home2 Suites by Hilton reportedly emailed Leonard to let her know they were terminating her contract.

The hotel cancellation is believed to have been the result of efforts to accommodate a potential rush of guests around the time of Swift’s three tour dates in May 2023 at Foxborough’s Gillette Stadium.

When Leonard contacted the hotel about the sudden cancellation, the hotel offered to move her reservation to another hotel about 18 miles from the wedding venue.

Leonard was angry. The bride-to-be argued the other hotel was too far from their wedding venue, but someone from Home2 Suites reportedly told her they were “getting $1,000 a night” now because there’s a “big event” coming up over the weekend of the wedding.

A sales executive also allegedly claimed to Leonard that he never signed the contract.

According to CBS News, Leonard stood his ground, telling the hotel chain, “You can’t do that. I have emails concerning you [signed it] and you reached me, like, come on.”

After speaking to the press, Leonard said the hotel chain had emailed her to reinstate her original contract and apologized for the “misunderstanding”.

The email reportedly read:

We would like to apologize for the misunderstanding with your room allotment in the hotel. We’d like to re-open your room block and offer you and your fiancé a free night’s stay for the entire weekend.

A hotel executive also offered to “allow the bridal party to prepare for the wedding or spend time there after the reception in the hotel’s meeting room,” according to NewsCenter 5.

Leonard said she considers price gouging to be unfair to travelers, adding that if she had canceled the booking she would have had to pay a penalty fee.

“If I didn’t comment, these companies could just do whatever they want,” she told reporters.

Let’s hope there is no bad blood in May 2023.

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