The Egadi Islands, Italy’s best kept secret


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The Egadi Islands are an archipelago off the west coast of Sicily. These islands have a different slice of Italian life where the locals lead a relaxed, bohemian lifestyle. This archipelago offers all of the excitement and culture of the mainland. If you are looking for a new destination for your next vacation in Italy, you are well prepared. Read on to find out more about the Egadi Islands, Italy’s best kept secret.


Everything about the Egadi Islands

The Egadi Islands archipelago is the largest protected marine area in Europe. The islands have an abundance of natural resources and wildlife. The great Poseidon prairies are a wonderful habitat that encourages the reproduction of many species, including shellfish, migratory birds, Caretta Caretta Sea turtles and even monk seals.

All three islands also have the feeling of real Italy – where some people still live as they have for hundreds of years, seemingly untouched by modern life. Here you can see donkeys and dogs roaming free while the residents in the village go about their daily lives. Most likely, you will see lovely looking older women crocheting something for a loved one while they watch over the village. If you want to experience Italy the way the locals do, take a trip to these magnificent islands.

Explore the sea caves in Favginana

Favginana is the largest island in the archipelago. It is only half an hour by hydrofoil from Trapani, Sicily. Santa Caterina and San Giacomo are beautiful towns with Gothic churches and spectacular Norman castles. The island offers many opportunities for recreation, including fantastic snorkeling spots such as the rocky coast of Scalo Cavallo and the breathtaking Cala Azzurra.

Tuna fishing is an institution here thanks to the Florio family. Definitely visit Stabilimento Florio, where you can see artifacts such as amphorae from different historical periods. The museum guides tell you about the island’s fascinating fishing history.

Have a spectacular diving experience in Levanzo

Levanzo is the smallest island in the group. A restaurant called Arcobaleno is the main meeting point for the 200 locals who call the island home. For a special experience, visit Grotta del Genovese and see the Neolithic works drawn on the walls that are 12,000 years old.

This peaceful, exquisite little island has a lot to offer diving enthusiasts. Levanzo has a fascinating underwater archaeological route between Cala Minnola and Punta Altarella where the remains of a Roman shipwreck are. Some other notable places on the island are the smooth pebble beach of Cala Fredda, and the prehistoric caves of Grotta del Genovese.

Visit the mystical Marettimo

Marettimo is the most rocky island in the archipelago. The beautiful Tramontana café greets port visitors with a lobster pot hanging from the ceiling. The island’s 300 inhabitants are divided between the sea and the mountains. The unique fishing village here is a highlight of the island with its small houses. Here daily life revolves around the catch of the day.

Adventure travelers will have a lot of fun on Marettimo. The island has numerous scenic hiking trails that wind in and out of the village and hills. The writer Samuel Butler claimed that the island of Marettimo had Ithaca in Homers. inspired Odyssey. When you see the stunning rugged landscape of this island with hundreds of sea caves surrounded by beautiful clear sea, you will be inclined to agree.

Getting to the Egadi Islands

You can reach the Egadi Islands by ferry or seaplane from various points in Sicily. Visitors depart from Trapani by hydrofoil to reach the Favignana coast. The other smaller islands can be reached by ferries, with the option of transporting your vehicle on board. You can also rent a boat from locals and sail between the islands.


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