The Morgan State University philosopher and “Cosmocitizen” unveils a book to bring a new soul to the world economy at the 2022 global event in Assisi with Pope Francis


BALTIMORE, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To September 22-24, 2022the birthplace of Saint Francis, becomes the epicenter of a different kind of World Economic Forum to ponder The economy of Francesco (EoF) also known as “Francisconomics”. Pope Francis invited young economists and change-makers from more than 100 countries to “give a soul to the economy and contribute to a new season of economic thought and action”. “The People’s Pope” will be there to sign the “EoF Pact”.

The organizers of the event (EoF) invited Dr. Zekeh Gbotokuma, Morgan’s philosopher and advocate of #Cosmoportism, invites you to the Book Corner, where inspiring authors will exhibit their books and chat with attendees.

OBAMANOMICS AND FRANCISCONOMICS: A Call for Poverty Alleviation, Fairness and Welfare is the title of Gbotokuma’s 505-page book. “Obamanomics” and “Francisconomics” are neologisms meaning the economics of Obama and Francis. These are critical economic theories from two global leaders, the 44thth POTUS Barack Obama and 266th Sovereign Pope Pope Francis. Your perspectives are welcome in today’s crises such as inequalities, climate crisis, global pandemics, conflict, xenophobia, racism and the assault on democracy. Most of these crises are anthropogenic. They can be resolved if the political will is there. To that end, both Obama and Francis call on the international community to move beyond trickle-down economics and embrace middle-class economics, Good Samaritanism, a green economy through sustainable development, and commitment to the Paris Agreement, the Global Compact for refugees and migrants, towards social justice and more universal brotherhood by acting as “My Brother’s Keepers”. The sustainability of Obamanomics and Francisconomics depends on the ability and willingness of Obama and Francis to produce more leaders than followers. These leaders are, in Obama’s words, “the relay race that is human progress.”

That $25.00-Book is available through Amazon, the author and Europe Books (
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About the author

DR. ZEKEH S. GBOTOKUMA is a globetrotter, polyglot (Ngbaka, Lingala, French, English, Italian and German) and US citizen of Congolese descent who describes himself as a cosmocitizen. He earned a PhD in Philosophy from Gregorian University, a Post-Doctorate in International Studies from the Italian Society for International Organization, a BA in Theology from Urban University, all things considered Rome, Italy. He also holds several Certificates in English as a Foreign Language from St Luke’s Priory, Wincanton, UK; French from the Institut d’Etudes Françaises de Tourainetours, France; German as a foreign language from the Goethe-Institut Boppard, Germany; and African Studies of Yale University PIER-African Studies. He is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) and founder of Polyglots in Action for Diversity, Inc. He is a former director of the Center for Global Studies at MSU. His “extraordinary commitment to global learning” made him the recipient of the renowned prize dr Sandye Jean McIntyre, II International Prize 2008. He is also one of the recipients of Afrimpact Magazine’s 2021 Influential People Awards and one of the “Key Figures of the African Intellectual Revolution” (QUORA). He is the author of numerous publications such as Democracy and Demography in the United States of America (2020); A polyglot pocket dictionary of Lingala, English, French and Italian (2016); Global Safari (2015) and A Pan-African Encyclopedia (2003).

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