Today in Austria: A summary of the latest news on Monday


New travel rules announced

An entry ban for British citizens to Austria applies according to a new travel regulation, which regulates the border regulations from July 1st, until the end of August.

From this date, on which the new European Green Passport comes into force, new entry regulations also apply to Austria.

People entering from “low-risk” countries should be able to prove that they have only been there within the last ten days and can prove that they have been vaccinated, recovered or have had a negative test for Covid-19. If this proof is not available, a Covid test must be carried out within 24 hours, reports Der Standard.

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Announcement of the next easing of the Covid-19 restrictions later

Further details on the relaxation of the Covid-19 rules from July 1 will be announced later on Monday. Although a lot is already known, such as the end of the curfew in Austria and the reopening of the night bar, further details will be revealed.

According to the broadcaster ORF, the visitor restrictions in nursing homes and hospitals will be lifted and the FFP2 mask requirement will no longer apply, with mouth and nose protection (MNS) masks being sufficient. From July 22nd, it is expected that people will no longer have to register their addresses in order to visit restaurants or events and further relaxations of the mask rules are planned.

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Seven-day incidence is 9.2

The seven-day incidence or the number of new infections with the coronavirus in the last seven days per 100,000 inhabitants in Austria is 9.2. Around 4.65 million Austrians have received at least one dose of a Covid 19 vaccination. Almost 2.89 million people are already fully vaccinated.

Austrian soccer team returns home

Austria’s national soccer team has returned home after participating in the European Championship. Italy needed extra time to beat Austria at Wembley on Saturday. BBC Sport states that Austria marked its first appearance in the knockout phase of the European Championship with a tireless performance ”in order to“ scare off its highly sought-after opponents ”.

Marko Arnautovic was not recognized after a VAR check for offside a header goal before the goals of substitute Federico Chiesa and Matteo Pessina penetrated Italy.

Sasa Kalajdzic also scored once for Austria. On early Sunday, the Austrian team was greeted again at Innsbruck Airport by Sports Minister Werner Kogler (Greens) and more than 100 fans.

Even more hot weather on Tuesday

According to the broadcaster ORF, even more hot weather is on the way, the temperatures on Tuesday are even higher than last week. In Schrattenberg and Allentsteig in Lower Austria, the fire brigade and emergency services worked all weekend to repair hundreds of house roofs after tennis balls devastated large hailstones on Thursday.

Schrattenberg was also hit by another storm on Friday evening, which led to flooding in properties with broken roofs, reports the ORF. There is also a risk of violent thunderstorms on Tuesday in parts of Salzburg, Upper Austria and Lower Austria.

Pamela Rendi-Wagner re-elected

Pamela Rendi-Wagner was re-elected as chairwoman of the left-wing SPÖ party in Austria, albeit with a significantly lower share of the vote.

The Wiener Zeitung says the delegates gave it a disappointing result of 75.3 percent. She was elected with a 98 percent majority three years ago.

Risks to the economic recovery in Austria

According to Der Standard, there are risks for Austria’s economic recovery. The paper outlines ten risks that threaten to slow down Austria’s economic recovery, which has so far been faster than forecast. These include a real estate crisis, inflation, rising interest rates and national debt.


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