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A tornado on a small Italian island swept several cars, killed two people and injured several. In a tweet, firefighters said the Twister hit Pantelleria in southern Sicily just before 7 p.m. on Friday. “Electricity pylons are bent over, roofs are damaged and trees are overturned,” said the firefighters. The largely dry island is popular with holidaymakers. Italian news agency ANSA said the dead had been identified as islanders – a firefighter stationed on the island and an 86-year-old man. The victims were in various cars that were part of about 10 vehicles that were thrown into the air by the force of the tornado, ANSA said. At least one car landed on the roof while another landed on the shattered front end. Nine people were injured, including two in critical condition, Pantelleria Mayor Vincenzo Vittorio Campo told Sky TG24 TV. The dead were thrown from their vehicles, with one victim landing on a low wall and the other on the ground, ANSA said. Australian Associated Press


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