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China is reducing relations with Lithuania in Taiwan-Spat

BEIJING (AP) – China reduced its official relations with Lithuania to ambassadorial levels after Taiwan, the island democracy that Beijing claims as part of its own territory, was allowed to open a representative office in the Baltic nation. Beijing had previously expelled the Lithuanian ambassador and withdrew his own envoy to the country. The State Department said the relationship would be downgraded to chargé d’affaires, embassy official # 2 said. Taiwan has only 15 formal diplomatic allies, but maintains informal ties to all major nations, including the United States and Japan, through trade offices that act as de facto embassies.


Video of missing Chinese tennis star posted online

BEIJING (AP) – Missing tennis star Peng Shuai has reappeared in public at a youth tournament in Beijing when the ruling Communist Party tried to quell fears abroad while it was gathering information in China, according to photos released by the organizer Over suppressed Peng after she was accused of being a senior sexual assault leader. The publication of the management of China Open on the Weibo social media service did not mention Peng’s disappearance or the allegation that she was sexually abused by a former Chinese leader. Peng was shown next to a court, waved and signed oversized commemorative tennis balls for children. The ruling party appears to be trying to defuse concerns about Peng without acknowledging her disappearance.


Checkpoint chaos at Atlanta Airport: Man grabs a gun, it goes off

ATLANTA (AP) – Authorities say a passenger waiting for a baggage search at the main Atlanta airport security checkpoint reached the bag and grabbed a gun and it went off, causing havoc among travelers. The Transportation Security Administration said the gun was fired at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport on Saturday afternoon, but it was not an active shooting incident. Officials say the passenger fled an airport exit and requested his arrest. They identified him as a 42-year-old convicted felon. The FAA ordered a temporary ground freeze on flights before normal operations resumed less than two hours later. The incident sparked concern at one of the busiest airports in the country, days ahead of the Thanksgiving travel season.


Fox says it didn’t pay off for the Rittenhouse film and interview

NEW YORK (AP) – Fox News said Saturday that Kyle Rittenhouse did not pay special access during his murder trial or after his acquittal. Hours after he was found not guilty of shootings during a protest against racial injustice in Wisconsin, Fox announced that Rittenhouse would be giving his first interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlson and participating in a documentary by Carlson’s team. Rittenhouse’s attorney, Mark Richards, said a Fox documentary film crew was brought into the Rittenhouse team against his will. Richards told the Associated Press on Saturday that he thought the filming was inappropriate and had kicked the crew out of the meetings several times.


Oil sheen spotted near the Southern California oil spill

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) – Officials are investigating an oil sheen discovered near the crude oil pipeline leak off the coast of Southern California on Saturday. The US Coast Guard says the oil spill is about 70 feet by 30 feet and they have dispatched “pollution workers, planes and boats” to investigate. The oil spill is in the same area that a massive oil spill was confirmed off the Orange County coast last month. The leak was confirmed on Oct. 2 from a ruptured subsea pipeline owned by Amplify Energy of Houston that leaked up to approximately 25,000 gallons of crude oil.


Ex-girlfriend who reported bomber ID files for a reward

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) – The ex-girlfriend of the man who detonated an explosive in downtown Nashville last Christmas has filed a lawsuit claiming she will receive a US $ 284,000 reward after the explosion. Dollars should get. News outlets report that Pamela Perry filed a lawsuit on Friday to seek the reward for “coming forward at great personal risk to help law enforcement agencies identify Anthony Warner.” Warner parked an RV in the middle of a tourist area of ​​Nashville and triggered the explosion that killed him, injured others, and damaged buildings. A company offering a reward told WTVF-TV that it was a “capture and conviction,” which did not happen because Warner died. Another declined to comment.


UN agency: 75 migrants drown in the Mediterranean Sea off Libya

ROM (AP) – The United Nations Migration Agency says 75 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean Sea north of Libya earlier this week while trying to reach Italy by boat. The International Organization for Migration reported in a tweet on Saturday about the latest tragedy, attributing the information to 15 survivors rescued by fishermen and taken to the port of Zuwara in northwest Libya. Also on Saturday, the Italian Coast Guard said it rescued more than 420 migrants, including dozen of minors, from boats in trouble in the Mediterranean.


Top US admiral warns of threat from China at Halifax forum

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (AP) – The head of US Indo-Pacific Command says the US and its allies must act with greater urgency in the face of mounting tensions and China’s increasingly confident military action. Admiral John C. Aquilino reaffirmed America’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region in meetings with allies at the Halifax International Security Forum. Aquilino sys needs the U.S. and its allies to work together more frequently in international waters to build interoperability so they can work together quickly if necessary. Chinese President Xi Jinping has overseen assertive foreign policy and the expansion of the party’s military wing, the People’s Liberation Army.


Man fatally shot by police after calling from house in N. Carolina

GREENSBORO, NC (AP) – Authorities say a North Carolina police officer shot and killed a man after answering a caller’s report that someone tried to enter a house. Greensboro police said in a press release that 29-year-old Joseph Thomas Lee Lopez was killed in the shooting. The name of the officer who fatally shot Lopez on Friday night was not immediately disclosed. The News & Record reports that officials responded to a “wanted man” call inside an apartment when they met Lopez in a shed behind the caller’s house. The North Carolina State Investigations Bureau is investigating the shooting.


Venezuelan musicians set the world’s largest orchestral record

CARACAS, Venezuela (dpa) – Thousands of Venezuelan musicians, most of them children and young people, have earned the title of the largest orchestra in the world. The record was set by more than 8,500 musicians. The Guinness World Records announced this in a video released on Saturday. The musicians, who are all connected to the country’s youth orchestras network, received the award a week earlier with a performance of Tchaikovsky’s “Slavonic March”. They tried the record during a patriotic concert at a military academy in the capital, Caracas. The previous record belonged to a Russian group that played the country’s national anthem.

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