Vijay Singh’s $23M Hawaiian Oceanfront Mansion For Sale | This is the loop


Professional golfers are suffering right now. Between Pro V1 inflation and the rising cost of auto gas, it’s difficult to make ends meet while making multimillion-dollar-a-year recreational CFO sports. Some die-hard pros – like four-time Nike/Michelob Major winner Brooks Koepka – have turned to the bottomless vaults of LIV Golf to stay afloat, but others are choosing a more traditional route. Take Vijay Singh, for example, who has put his $23 million, 52-acre oceanfront estate in Hawaii up for sale. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

The 2000 Masters champion has never been one for subtlety, and the ramp makes that clear from the jump, winding toward the Pacific like a sort of Big Island Magnolia Lane.

That inevitably brings weary travelers to Casa Singh, perched on a secluded patch of island greenery.

There is of course a kitchen.

And a living room, because obviously.

Less predictable, however, are the home’s fireplaces, allowing you to stay warm year-round while blowing up the air conditioning.

There is also a library…

…and a gigantic walk-in closet for all your scripting needs.

Best of all, you can enjoy ocean views from virtually every vantage point, including the second floor lanai…

… the garden pool …

… and yes, even the laundry room.

If you’re interested in helping Vijay downsize without accepting handouts from the Saudi government — aka the world’s most terrible loan shark — you can schedule a tour with Kenneth Springer of Hawaii Life Realty here.


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