Walking tours explore Nicosia’s women of the 20th century and the difficult legacy


Several walking tours have recently graced Nicosia’s cultural program, revealing the history, past and future of the city. Two upcoming walking tours organized by Home for Cooperation explore the stories of women in the capital and the difficult legacy of Nicosia.

First up on Wednesday is a walk entitled Aspects of Femininity in 20th Century Nicosia. Animator Marios Epaminondas starts at 6pm from Home for Cooperation and guides participants through some aspects of the life of women in 20th century Nicosia. The walking tour will discover the role of women in society, their ways of social mobility and their achievements. The urban landscape serves as an illustration of the stories told. Held in English, the free tour lasts around two hours and passes checkpoints to explore all parts of the city.

Another tour in English will take place in July, again starting from the Home for Cooperation and crossing the gap. The tour is led by archaeologist and guide Antigone Michael, who takes participants on a journey to explore archaeological evidence of Nicosia’s difficult legacy.

“During this tour,” said the organizers, “we will discuss the period of monument preservation in relation to the political situation on the island. What significance do monuments, squares, modern art, maps and archaeological sites have in today’s society in which we live? “

In addition, the tour also questions what heritage is made of, who makes it and what the process of heritage recognition is in a conflict environment. “Nicosia has been the capital of Cyprus since the 11th century,” add the organizers. “From the 11th century to the present day, there have been six different political powers. Let’s explore Nicosia together on our tour! “

City Tour: Aspects of Femininity in 20th Century Nicosia

Walking tour with Marios Epaminondas on women’s stories. June 30th. Home for Cooperation, Nicosia. 6-8 p.m. Free. In English. For registrations: [email protected]

Difficult legacy in Nicosia

Tour with Antigone Michael about Nicosia’s legacy. 8th of July. Cooperation home, Nicosia. 6-8 p.m. 10 €. In English. For registrations: [email protected]


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